Inspiring Others To Safeguard And Protect Data

Provide quality & dependable information security services toward the protection of organization assets! 

To share knowledge & expertise of information security best practices, creating long-lasting partnerships for years to come! 

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Our Services

Security Training Awareness

Keeping company employees abreast of security changes that may impact their daily operational activities can be a challenge. Identifying the right information, speed of delivery, and measuring training effectiveness are key task to consider when executing security training. Let our team help by creating training material, and conduct training on your behalf. 

Policy Development

Need assistance writing company polices and standards relating to information technology and security? Our company has the expertise to assist in this endeavor. Our consultants have over 20 years of experience preparing policies, standards, and procedural guidelines for organizations small and large. So, whether is creating documents from scratch or seeking guidance for existing operations doctrine, we are here to assist. 

Security Assessments

Every leader wants to better understand and correct deficiencies within the security posture of its organization. Conducting a security assessment will provide insight into vulnerabilities that could impact the operational readiness of a company. Our consultants are credentialed and experience in assessments and can help assist in discovery gaps that could possibly hinder your company's success.


Does your organization need aide to promote the technology career field?  Then look no further and allow us to render that aide.  Over the course of several years, we have provided guidance to service members, colleagues, and students in primary and secondary education.      

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About Eyes on Security, LLC

Several years ago in a high school classroom setting in the city of Ellenwood, Georgia after taking a break from corporate America, Dr. Tovi, started down the path of education.  She was given a great opportunity through Georgia Tech's program "Operation IT Reboot" sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to become a high school technology teacher.  One day during class, there was a discussion centered around gaming technology and how IP addresses were utilized to join gaming consoles to a home network, and online as well. At that moment, there was shock and amazement in the eyes of 32-teenagers who desired to learn more. 


Inspiring Others To Safeguard And Protect Date