Our Company

Established in 2018

We started as a dream...

Several years ago in a high school classroom setting in the city of Ellenwood, Georgia after taking a break from corporate America, Dr. Tovi, started down the path of education.  She was given a great opportunity through Georgia Tech's program "Operation IT Reboot" sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to become a high school technology teacher.  One day during class, there was a discussion centered around gaming technology and how IP addresses were utilized to join gaming consoles to a home network, and online as well. At that moment, there was shock and amazement in the eyes of 32-teenagers who desired to learn more.   


Over the course of many years, Dr. Tovi continued to share concepts of information technology and security by teaching courses, training junior security professionals, educating leaders, and mentoring those seeking a change in careers. The continued illustration of  those "light bulb moments" demonstrated Dr. Tovi's passion, energy, and expertise in the career field that birth the reality  of "Eyes on Security."  

Our Goal...

To ensure the services provided are sound, effective, and impactful, thus producing the desired results expected, while continuing to produce those "light bulb moments." 

Building a legacy of Trust and Commitment to Service
We take pride in providing the best security consulting services to meet the growing demands and interest of our customers. Our services reflect years of experience in the technology, security, and governance arenas.   

Our Customers Come First

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.  We place great care toward being alert and attentive of our customers expectations. We are committed to delivering the best services possible, and building lasting relationships for years to come. 

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