Security Assessments

Security is Our Watch Word!

Let me ask a question or two. When was the last time a security assessment was conducted for your company? Do you presently understand the level of threat that exist for your type of business?  If these questions are difficult to answer, then it is time for a security intervention. Let us help you.


Understanding the security posture of the organization is essential when attempting to understand if alignment to strategic objectives and risk management exists.  When there is no clear understanding of what internal controls exist in the environment, the effectiveness of those controls, and what processes leverage those controls, an organization has security gaps. 

Performing a security readiness assessments (gap assessments), is a crucial step when determining where the gaps reside in an organization.  The discovery of any gap requires action that should/must be taken given the severity of the gap and the overall likelihood and impact of a possible risk occurring. 

Our team of consultants may be leveraged to perform the following duties: conduct an internal security risk assessment, preform a gap analysis of security vulnerabilities, and assist with the creation of mitigation plans. We can help your team prepare for those industry certifications, i.e., ISO 27001 and SOC2 that your company may be seeking.