Security Awareness Training

Train up your employees!

Who are we kidding, training is often seen as a nuisance and something many employees frown upon.  Employees frown upon training for many reasons. Some of those reasons include:  there is too much training required, training is exhaustive, and training applicability/relevance to the organization. However, companies, both large and small, have this challenge and are required to keep employees abreast of security concerns that may pose a threat to their professional working environment.  Leaders must coordinate the type of training needed, schedule appropriate times to conduct training, and ensure the intended training has the desire impact from a performance metric perspective.  There is also the concern whether training will be insightful, impactful, and engaging. Finding time and selecting an appropriate platform to execute an effective training program is not easy for a leadership team, and that is where our team can be leveraged. 

Let our team help by creating training material, conduct training sessions, research/analyze training platforms, and coordinate and host lunch-learn sessions to educate employees on the latest security threats impacting both the business and the individual home environments.