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Professional Services

Eyes on Security Consulting provides services that focus on strengthening the security posture of an organization. Professional services offered,  are based on an initial observation that aligns with our clients’ business objectives. Our service packages offer flexibility as they  are customizable to fit the security needs of any organization. 

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Provide security training to company employees, highlighting cyber threats that impact business operations and data protection

Policy & Planning Development

Develop key foundational security doctrine required to support the needs of an organization and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Security Assessment & Evaluation

Identify and evaluate the effectiveness of a security program, uncovering weaknesses outlining remediation plans and executing those plans to minimize risks

IT Project Management

Apply Agile Project Methodology practices to support cross-functional teams to effectively manage technical projects from initiation to completion.

Governance & Compliance Advisor

Provide oversight and guidance on regulatory requirements, controls, and risk.

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